SPINDLE :  Up spindle speed. 
Some spindle used for many year became high failure rate and low precision spindle,
We provide the spindle upgrade service.

•Low speed drilling spindle upgrade to high speed&high accuracy spindles.

Change 125 Krpm spindle into 160 Krpm.
Change 160 Krpm spindle into 180 Krpm.
-Higher accuracy                          -Higher speed                -Higher performance
-Extremly good reliabiability          -Extended tool life          -Low running cost.

•Low speed routing spindles upgrade to high speed spindles. 

Change ball bearing spindle into high speed air spindles:
Air bearing benefits include high precision, hight integrity design.
Solutions,high rotational speed, consistent performance & long life.

Change 40-60 Krpm ball bearing spindle into 89Krpm Air bearing spindles.
-Easier Maintenance                      -Low Thermal Growth           -Greater Precision
-High Speed                                   -Large Load Capacity            -Increased  Tool Life
-Reduced Vibration                       -Improved Surface Finish      -Long Bearing Life 

VACCUUM PUMP : offer and update to new version of vaccuum pump.

SERVOMOTOR: Service servo motor.

MODIFY MACHINE:Modify drilling machine to router machine.
1.44 floppy disk to USB floppy drive.
720k floppy disk to USB floppy drive.

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